RIVAPOWER VA2110 (10 000mAh) portable rechargeable battery (NEW)

Input voltage: 5 V
Output voltage: 5 V Dimensions: 138x72x15 mm
Product Weight: 0.22 kg


Product Description

RIVAPOWER VA 2110 portable rechargeable battery
Product Features:

• 10000mAh capacity rechargeable battery
• Compatible with all popular models of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
• Protection from over-charging, power leaks, overload and short circuit
• Automatic turn on/off. Just plug your device into RIVAPOWER battery output socket and the charging will start.
• To check the battery status, press the button. 4 LED indicators will show the remaining power.
• Smartphone charging – up to 4 times. Tablet charging – up to 2 times.
• RIVAPOWER battery can be charged and discharged more than 500 times.

3 Inputs: MicroUSB, Lightning and Type-C
Charge Through function:
Connect the RIVAPOWER to the power source and your mobile device to the RIVAPOWER. Mobile device is charged first. When fully charged, RIVAPOWER will start recharging.


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